Daisybox® Print Partner Opportunity

You've probably hear the famous saying .... "there are two certainties in life, death and taxes."Death triggers the need for someone to say goodbye to a loved one, who's usually placed in an expensive funeral casket.That's where we come in. That's where the game changes.Daisybox® helps client-families say goodbye to a departed loved one, differently.It all starts with both where and how Daisybox® caskets are manufactured.Daisybox Inc., a privately-owned Delaware Corporation, is building a global network of licensed print manufacturing partners, to produce their caskets in every town and city in multiple countries. In the USA for example, there used to be over 550 casket manufacturers. Today, three companies control some 88% of the market. We want to change that!Daisybox print manufacturing partners produce and supply bespoke-printed, engineered fibreboard caskets that are structurally-strong 💪, earth-friendly 🌎, trusted by funeral arrangers 🤝...and are more affordable for client-families. 🫶🏼Let's face it, metal-based tomb-like and expensive, ornate caskets, designed for the 1940's, aren't for everyone. Engineered cardboard caskets, adorned with messages of love, really are OK to many.A Daisybox® print manufacturing license agreement gives wide-format printers in every town and city, access to a unique blend of intellectual property, curated product-designs, established branding, years of market learnings and local digital marketing support.Each license agreement is exclusive to an adequately serviceable sales territory.Daisybox® Print Partners confidently manufacture and wholesale Daisybox branded caskets to local funeral arrangers, who deal direct with grieving families.Importantly, we've done the hard yards over the last 10 years in building product-market fit, so you don't have to.Engineered fiberboard blanks and suitable casket handles and print media are sourced from local wholesalers near our partner sites.Printed design templates covering sports, hobbies, art, photography and nature images, are open-sourced and shared globally amongst all licensed printers.


Capability Assessment

Supplying printed fiberboard caskets with 2-5 day delivery lead times, isn't for everyone.Does your print business have the production capabilities and team to consistently deliver quality-made Daisybox® caskets, on time?Do you own a CNC digital cutting table such as a Zund, Konsberg, Multicam, Aristo, Gerber or similar?Do you own a flat-bed industrial inkjet printer to print woodgrain-effect and other photographic and surface pattern design images onto corrugated fiberboard?Do you have a team that can reliably produce and deliver 10 to 50 Daisybox® caskets per week?If you answered "yes" to all these questions, then please read on below.


"What's in it for me?"

People are living for longer and many increasingly cannot afford expensive caskets or coffins.Add to this the fact that medium density fiberboard (MDF) and particleboard, two common types of engineered wood used in caskets, were never designed to be used for burial or cremation, given they contain inorganic, toxic resin binding agents.Daisybox® provides an overall more cost-effective and sustainable casket solution that many are asking for. Grandma still says 'when I'm gone, just pop me in a cardboard board!" and Gen X,Y and Z can't understand old casket designs with associated high costs.Next.... let's run the numbers:-Approximately 7 out of 1,000 people pass away each year. The statistic varies slightly per country.So for every 1 million population in a territory, we expect up to 7,000 people may require a casket.
Some services involve burial, others a cremation. Some are direct-cremations with no funeral service and no persons attending.
Daisybox® let's you sell in a solition for all these scenarios.Let's next talk about the legals.



We need licensed printers to succeed in our manufacturing partnerships.Growing Daisybox® into a global consumer brand is seriously important to our management team, our global print partners and our investors.When you're ready to look at licensing an exclusive sales territory and study the numbers, your next move is to sign an NDA with Daisybox Inc. (non-disclosure agreement.)This lets you study your potential return on investment and our global marketing engine that supports every print partners efforts.Once you're comfortable with the financials and you want to proceed, you are asked to sign an online NCA (non compete agreement). This ensure we work closely together for years to follow.Once the NCA is signed, you pay a small license fee and are then placed into our online Learning Management System (LMS), which is a series of short videos walking you through how to produce and wholesale Daisybox caskets. Our team takes care of 90% of all global marketing.

Sieze the Opportunity

Unlock the gateway to success in the eco-friendly funeral industry by applying to become an exclusive Daisybox® licensee in your area today!Dive into a world where your commitment to a greener planet transforms into a profitable venture, all while delivering compassionate and affordable solutions to your local community.Our business framework is crafted to streamline your journey into the wholesale landscape, offering the full range of Daisybox® products.With Daisybox®, you gain more than just a product; you harness the power of a reputable brand and cutting-edge technology.That's not all!By joining our global print partner community, you'll receive an exclusive invitation to our secure partner forum board, hosted on Slack.com. This provides you with a secure and collaborative online environment, where you'll interact with fellow licensees from around the world, exchanging invaluable insights, strategies, and resources to propel your sales.At Daisybox®, we're committed to your growth and success. Our collective journey is one of continuous learning, mutual support, and shared triumphs, ensuring you see a tangible return on your investment year after year.Ready to move to the next step?

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